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0.72d   - 2005-03-04:2011 - Lukas Ruf 
          New Maintainer

0.72c   - Added "looking for a new maintainer" info

0.72b   - fixed some errors (utf-8)

0.72a   - added Portuguese translation

0.72    - added Finnish translation
        - changed internationalization completely, read the manual for
          more information, it is all documented
           requires Perl 5.8 or Linux or external C program 
           requires Text::Iconv or (but this is NOT required) external
           conviguration by the locale environment
        - removed LANG and CHARSET configuration option and command
          line switches
        - output error messages using 'dialog' if installed
        - running in foreground by default, new variable BACKGROUND
        - changed translation "API" to English names (changed all
          distributed translations so there sould be no problem)
        - improved layout

0.71	- changed shebang line to #!/usr/bin/env perl because it works
          on all system regardless where perl is installed (only in
          release, not in CVS)
        - new configuration option SIG_REGEXP which specifies the
          regular expression used to recognize the signature
        - translated `Organization:' header
        - added Gentoo pictures
        - added `docdirname' variable in Makefiles which specifies the
          name of the directory created in `docdir'. The naming scheme
          is a bit confusing but I didn't want to break compatibility.
        - no translation adaptions because changes are small and I
          wanted to release it quickly because of Gentoo

0.70    - changed fontpackage for Times to `mathptm' and the package
          for Palatino to `mathpazo' because `times' and `palatino' are
          obsolte (according to de.comp.text.tex)
        - added font options `AvantGarde', `CentSchool', `Chancery' and
        - code cleanup
        - complete rewrite of printing code
        - supporting the CUPS printing system (set PRINT_COMMAND to `CUPS'),
          i.e. when using this setting the `psnup' and `psselect' programs
          are not needed and when setting DUPLEX to `printer' CUPS is
          responsible for duplex printing
        - removed detection of geometry.sty version by making `compat2' to
          a global option [closes Debian-Bug #180615]
        - added UTF-8 support (experimental)
        - reversed this CHANGES file (first entry is most current version)
        - added KOI8-R support (experimental); this works not on all LaTeX
          systems, so use teTeX 2.0 if you have problems
        - added Russian translation, thanks to Alex Semenyaka
        - changed translation directory to /usr/share/muttprint/translations
          according to FHS
        - creating temporary dir using File::Temp module which honors the
          TMPDIR environment
        - removed *png and *jpg from the distribution because it's not needed
          by Muttprint -- you find this files still in the CVS if you need it
        - removed temporary *sed files from distribution (by changing Makefiles)

0.64    - add compatibility option for new geometry.sty
        - fixed bug with '_' in e-mail address in the headline
        - limited size of subject in the headline to 60 chars

0.63a   - replaced absolute paths in the documentation with variables;
          the variables are replaced before building the documentation
        - applied some Debian patches:
          . replaced cwd() from Cwd with getcwd() from POSIX
          . replaced sgmltools -j ... option with the -s option

0.63    - new options VERBATIMNORMAL and VERBATIMSIG for changing the
          formating of text and signature
        - new option PAPERSAVE="optional"
        - new variable PRINT_COMMAND to change the print command
        - new option LATEXCODE (and LATEXCODE1 ... LATEXCODE5)
        - fixing some small bugs

0.62b   - updated Spanish translation
        - '-w' flag instead of 'use warnings;' for Perl 5.005-

0.62a   - updated Italian and French translation

0.62    - printing Euro sign works ($charset must be set to "latin9")
        - more ASCII charaters are escaped -> printing the header
          should work now with *all* ASCII chars
        - new options: $FONTSIZE and $WRAPMARGIN
        - full support of Windows-1252 and Windows-1250 charsets
          as superset of latin1 and latin2
        - simple automatic detection of charset if $charset=auto
          (use this carefully!) 
          [Normally you should set $charset in dependence of
          the Mutt $charset variable]
        - new options: $DATE, $DATE_FORMAT
        - new option: $ADDRESSFORMAT (specifies the format of the
          adresses in the mailheader
        - new option: $RCFILE (additional configuration file)

0.61    - Czech translation
        - fixed $charset-bug in Czech translation
        - printed header can be customized (PRINTED_HEADERS)
        - declaration of global variables now Perl-5.005 compatible
        - support of X-Faces (requires 'convert' and 'uncompface')
        - changes in documentation
        - Polish translation 
        - CDE printer configuration is recognized (~/.printers)
        - better code for deletion of temporary files
        - fixed bug with reading configuration files

0.60    - translation strings are now in external files
          (in the $prefix/lib/muttprint directory)
        - NEWSGROUP_STRING in ~/.muttprintrc changed to
          NEWSGROUPS_STRING because the RFC header is named
          "Newsgroups:" and not "Newsgroup:"
        - solved problem with double output on Perl < 5.6
        - improved the code for recognizing the Realname in the
          header up to page 2
        - the external program "fmt" is not needed any more -- its
          functionality has been integrated in Muttprint
          (this should solve problems on plattforms other than
          Linux which uses not GNU fmt)
        - moved documentation format from Latex to DocBook
          (this has no effects for the end user beside of
          the other layout of the documentation)
        - Implemented decoding of Quoted Printable in headers and in 
          the body. This makes it possible to print raw messages
          (without attachments).		  

0.53a   - Muttprint runs in the background after reading the
          content -> seems to be faster
        - bug in Latex-code fixed (the footer was not on the same
          position every page)

0.53    - changed the path structure of the Tarball
        - wrote Makefiles for easier installation and building of 
        - full Spanish translation (thanks to Marcelo Ramos)
        - full Italian translation (thanks to Roberto Vallone)
        - shorten output of -h/--help
        - Manpage translated to German
        - header with Autor and Subject printed on every page
        - new French support
        - fixed options: -P for paper format and -F for font
        - support for /etc/papersize (thanks to Chanop Silpa-Anan)
        - add README.Gnus to the archive in reality (it was missing
          before because of an missing symlink)

0.52a   - turned off displaying configuration options to STDOUT 
          (this was for internal testing only)

0.52    - command line options for some features
        - manpage written using POD (Plain Old Documentation)
          (the old manpage was of the Debian project)
        - fixed 'Newsgrop' bug (correct header is 'Newsgroups')
        - fixed 'header' bug (headers consists of more than one
          line are parsed correctly)
        - add README.Gnus (hints for using Muttprint with Gnus)

0.51    - deleted German comments in THIS file because it's useless
        - add support for real PostScript duplex printers 
          (thanks to Chanop Silpa-Anan for the help)
        - small changes

0.50b   - printing of characters out of windows-1252 charset possible

0.50a   - small bug fixed

0.50    - rewritten using perl (before: Bash-shellscript)
        - Italian support
        - new functions: REM_SIG and REM_QUOTE -> manual

0.42	- Print in file
        - mktemp replaced

0.41    - minor bug fixed
        - distributed more pics
        - You can turn the penguin off (PENGUIN="off")

0.40	- paper save mode
        - minor bug fixed
        - moved penguin from /usr/share/mutt to /usr/share/muttprint/

0.30    - mostly rewritten with LaTeX as base

0.23    - Newsgroups:-header is printed instead of TO, if there's no To:

0.22    - scaling of $PENGUIN is possible; small changes

0.21    - problem with backslash fixed

0.20    - english language support added
        - installation script added
        - small corrections
        - header on alle sides, manual duplex print

0.15    - HTML documentation: little changes

0.14    - HTML documentation created

0.13    - prints little penguin on the right top if you wish

0.12    - line wrap for long lines (> 100 characters)

0.11    - script gets the data via standard input or as file
        - changes for XFMail-support

0.10    - First release

vim:ts=8 et

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